Pennie (LATIN) Stuart

With over 25 years broadcasting experience with the BBC, whether its radio presenting, event chairing, creative facilitation, ideas generation, media training or inspirational public speaking - if you've got a project in mind get in touch

Documentary Maker & Story Gatherer

I’ve been making radio programmes for over 25 years.  I’m  curious by nature.  Nosey. Nothing gives me greater energy for life than finding out about people’s stories, why they do what they do, what makes them tick.  Over the years I’ve interviewed 100s of people about a vast range of subjects from popular culture to history, food, sport, comedy, literature and science, it never loses its thrill.  

At University I studied psychology and loved every minute. I have an unwavering appetite for mining into people’s lives to understand the connections we all share, to unravel those moments that make us most vulnerable, intriguing and most of all human.

Science Communicator

For the past 8 years I’ve presented and co-produced the highly acclaimed BBC radio and podcast science series, Brainwaves

Rooted in ‘science by stealth’ – hooking the audience with relevance then introducing the science underpinning the story – its a series which constantly breaks the mould. From the science of the selfie to a search for silence, lessons from the dissection room to fracking, no subject is out of bounds. 

The entire BBC Brainwaves series is available to listen to online.

I also have considerable experience as a festival event chair, check out the media page for more info.




Pennie Latin recording the longest echo
In search of the world's longest echo
3D print me - the ultimate selfie?
Do you ever get used to dead bodies?
Pennie Latin records silence
What happens when your brain confronts the sound of silence?

“Pennie has such a wonderful way with people and immediately puts everyone at ease. Within minutes, Pennie can get a group of diverse strangers to open up and talk about intimate and emotive topics. Pennie finds common ground, creates a sense of safety and provides some sort of magical social lubricant to encourage people to share. Pennie’s ability to rapidly create a group dynamic enables her to expertly conduct group interviews as well as creating a cosy environment for an interviewee in front of an audience.”

– Dr Kirsty Adamson, Deputy Head of Centre for Open Learning, Edinburgh University.