BBC producer, presenter and podcaster



I grew up in flat fenlands around Cambridge but fell in love with Scotland in my early 20s and just kept moving north until I found a resting place in the Highlands. Fortunately geography has never been any kind of barrier to creativity or opportunity, in fact I’ve always argued it makes you more creative and innovative.  I’ve certainly never been a victim of geography, I like to think it gives me a fresh perspective.


My presenting and journalism skills have all been developed and honed over the course of 25 years working at the BBC.  My early career saw me working at BBC Radio 4 as a continuity announcer, I then returned to Scotland to become a radio documentary maker and increasingly over the years presenting has taken a precedence – although I’d always argue that I’m a programme maker first and foremost.  

My presenting credits include hundreds of both live and pre-recorded programmes.  I’ve also regularly chaired and broadcast audience events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Edinburgh International Science Festival among others.  

I have considerable experience developing, researching, scripting and presenting the highly acclaimed BBC science series Brainwaves, before that I was known for my food and gardening programmes – The Kitchen Cafe and Kitchen Garden – both of which I developed and ran for several years on BBC Radio Scotland. 

Over the years I’ve also presented many individual radio documentaries.

Pennie Latin training other radio journalists
2015 training radio producers in Addis Ababa
Pennie Latin does BBC Out of Doors
Climbing Ben Nevis the hard way for BBC Out of Doors
Pennie Latin Science Communicator
One of my favourite interviews with forensic chemist and drug investigator Dr Craig McKenzie

In February 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.   Perhaps unusually for me I turned to writing to try and capture some of the rollercoaster that ensued (unusual because audio/sound is my usual go-to when I need to get my head round something!) .  I’ve decided to put the resulting musings into a blog.  It wasn’t ever intended to be made public but a few friends have said its helped them understand.  If it helps even one person go through what I’m going through then I’m glad.  The story is unfolding so the blog is very much a raw work in progress, much as I am!